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Sensor Kitchen Sink Faucet Set

This Sensor Sink Faucet is made of carefully selected brass with few impurities, a stable metal structure, and corrosion resistance. When your hands approach the inductive parts, the water will come out and when your hands leave, it will stop automatically, effectively save water without wasting water. From its durable, long-lasting construction to the contemporary and decor-complementing design, this faucet belongs to your bathroom. The faucet matches the sleek design and the cool color makes your kitchen simple and gorgeous.

Brand new and high-quality automatic Sensor Faucet is perfect for kitchen, bathroom basin, washing hand basin. Rotates smoothly to ensure long-term use without dripping water and leakage, and accurately controls water temperature. Faucet features to reduce leak points and ensure leak-free operation for the life of bar faucet, and lead-free construction, standards-compliant to protect your family's health.


  • The faucet supplies water as soon as hands are within sensing range and stop when you move away from your hands, reducing overall water usage without sacrificing water pressure
  • Heavy solid material and finishing give itself an awesome and rich classic modern style look with exquisite workmanship
  • Classic modern design, chrome finish, exquisite workmanship, make it elegant, fashionable, and easy to clean