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Mini Style Pendant Light

Mini Style Pendant Light hundreds of hand-cut glasses in the shade of stained glass of tulip flowers. The craftsman with this lampshade surface welding line makes it as smooth and even as possible. The interior shade of color is the same as the exterior. Its original stain-glass was not painted. Stained glass lampshades can also be taken as table lamp shades accordingly. Many hand-cut glass pieces are made using the copper foil method, the shade is durable and the color of stained glass is timeless.

The 3-Light Pendant is unique due to the different glass shades and sizes available when making light. Each lamp is a unique work of art just like painting or sculpture. There are many kinds of gorgeous glass ornaments in the shade, the light beam passing through the lampshade benefits from the beauty of the stained glass it is a gift that lovers, family, friends, classmates, colleagues, and clients will enjoy. As a lamp for decoration and illumination, it is suitable for an entrance, dining room, family house, cafe.



  • Enlighten your home and heart.
  • This lampshade was wielded by an experienced craftsman to reach.
  • Warm colored light from stained glass will create warmth in your room.