Cylinder Pendant Light

Unique and simple cylindrical 3-Light Cylinder pendant light. Plated paint surface, cone design. Decorative pendant lights emit charming and bright light, adding an elegant atmosphere to your home. Our cylinder hangs fixing comes with all mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. This product is specially set up in dozens of processes, light and strong, high quality, and durable. LED light source, low power consumption, high efficiency, and energy-saving.  

Modernity with a touch of warmth. This unique Downlight is a wonderful addition to any home. It is a simple and versatile design that works well to bring focus to a small area in a large room. Mini Metal Pendant Light is a perfect option for illuminating and beautifying places like the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bar, restaurant, living room, hall, loft, cafe, basement, and hallway and brings an artistic feel to any area.


  • Its high-temperature paint, fashionable texture, is not easy to rust.
  • Its clean lines, bright luster, tough and durable.
  • Makes it suitable for high/operative ceilings and easy to adjust to your desired length.