Round Shape Design Sink

Round Shape Design Sink, unique and pretty for your bathroom, home decor, shop. It is well fit for modern-style bathrooms. Constructed by premium 12mm thickness solid tempered glass, extremely scratch-resistant and glossy surface to withstand everyday wear and maintain its luster, year after year. Smooth tempered glass protects the sink from dust accumulation, so you just need to wipe it gently, stains such as liquid and residue can be removed easily after you brush your teeth. 
The semi-transparent painted patterns are through the glass onto the counter that adds a romantic and colorful to your bathroom. This Vessel Sink increases the space between the countertop and the ceiling, giving the illusion that your bathroom is bigger. Artificial hand-painted Pattern let the beauty of your new bathroom vanity shine through, especially in the bright bathroom light. You will get complimented by those who see it. Smooth and polished surfaces make the sink always flawless and fresh. 


  • Round shape basin gives a simplistic yet elegant style to your bathroom
  • Constructed from gorgeous tempered glass for durability and easy cleanup
  • This transparent glass sink puts on a trendy and exquisite outlook