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Electroplated Sink Faucet

The Electroplated Sink Faucet is made of high-quality solid brass, corrosive resistant, durable, not easy to rust, which provides this tap reliable performance and longevity. The sensor faucet is battery powered infrared sensor faucet that controls the water on/off by sensing your hands so it helps to save much water, it is very convenient to use and low energy consumption which is water-saving and eco-friendly. Comes with needed installing hardware for quick and direct installation, which is easy to install. Our sensor fitting can be connected to all common hot and cold water connection systems. Even if you are not a plumber or a craftsman, the installation is a breeze with our instructions for every skill.

The infrared Sensor Faucet is very convenient to use, adjust the switch handle to the red area for hot water, and adjust to the blue area for cold water. Brand new and high-quality automatic sensor water tap is perfect for kitchen sink, bathroom basin, washing hand basin. A mini button on the side to switch between hot and cold water. Switch the small handle to adjust the water temperature, left for more hot water, right for more cold water. This single-handle bath faucet allows you to set the temperature faster than ever before. Don't worry about getting the water temperature right.


  • This tap with an infrared sensor allows you to customize labels and water-saving Washing Your Hands
  • Annahern on the sensor, water as soon as possible to flow more freely as gentle 0,5s when pulled the way the hands stops the water flow
  • Easy to operate, health, energy-saving, and environmental protection