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Industrial Table Lamp

The Industrial Table Lamp consists of a round metal base, looks simple and smooth looks very comfortable. This table lamp fits well with any decor style, designed with a minimalist art style. Industrial lamps are the perfect decoration for a beautiful home which adds a touch of industrialized feeling to the living room, family room, office, bedroom, girls room, den, bed sofa, etc.

This Lamp is designed for versatility. Its unique design can catch the eye. This elegant design features a cylindrical metal body and wooden lamp base with an open bulb for an attached industrial touch. The modern desk lamp can feel smooth, comfortable and easy after turning it on in any other room. It is the perfect decor for a beautiful modern home.

  • Industrial Table Lamps are great stylish gifts for your family and friends.
  • Takes minimal space on my small bedside table.
  • 100% brightness is great for reading and work.