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Sheesham Wood Z Shaped Side Table

This Z Shaped Side Table is both stylish and practical. The smooth Z-shaped design will make this side table the focal point of any room. This side table has a stiff top, on which you can place decorative items such as fruit baskets or vases. The furniture is handmade made of hardwood and features different woods such as palisades and Sheesham wood. Pure handmade craftsmanship and beautiful wood grain make each piece of furniture unique and slightly different from the next. Important This table colors become pieces by making each piece unique.

This Wood Side Table will be a seamless addition to your home decor. This side table is made of hard Sheesham wood and well-finished pieces that have no edges and when you move your hand around the edges and sides. This table has a very modern contemporary look that helps you set a stylish space in your home and living room. Your home is more than just a home. It shares everyday moments and experiences that make you unique. We are passionate about being the best and most affordable furniture supplier in your home. 


  • The size of side table is 44 x 30 x 59 cm (L x W x H)
  • This side table is an ideal height for any lamp or other items within easy reach for you
  • This piece works nicely next to the bedroom bed or next to the living room sofa