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Wooden Flower Pendant Light

Flowers bloom in your light. The wooden flowers hang with the gold medal container, creating a modern design for your home and showing your good taste. The flowers are handmade through complex production processes, beautiful and delicate. High-quality metal is applied to this classic wine rust and anti-fade with the assurance of a long lifespan.

This Wooden Pendant Light is a creative personality design, perfect and perfect, not only as a lighting tool to mold your mood and decorate your home. This is a great choice for any room in your home. Create the perfect environment for your bedroom, living room, hallway, or kitchen. Choose the brightness, coolness, or warmth of the bulb. You can even install a color-changing bulb to switch the mood.

  • Easy to clean with showerhead or showerhead.
  • The light is attached to the fixture using the included socket ring.
  • Turn your home decor into a fun game by challenging yourself with the light of your wooden flower pendant.