Decorative Table Lamp

This Decorative Table Lamp is great to match different styles of the family perfectly. It has the ability to show the retro look wherever it is fitted. It is a suitable decoration for creating a peaceful environment and comfortable lighting in a peaceful modern environment. Suitable for when you need enough light to read, write or craft without too much brightness. The simple look of this lamp makes it an ideal decoration for your home.

A high-quality Table Lamp emits a soft and warm light, creating a cozy and comfortable environment while protecting your eyes. Suitable for living room, bedroom, office, children's room, or college dormitory. This lamp is the right choice if you are looking for a functional rather than extravagant one. When you don’t have too much space but still need a light, this lamp helps to fuse simplicity with practicality.


  • The overall size of the lamp is 56 x 32 x 14.5 cm (H x W x L)
  • Looks attractive and fashionable in all styles of rooms
  • It brings a warm and cozy ambiance and a spirit-free feeling