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Our founder Cynthia had a dream to find a fulfilling job that would still pay the bills. After years in Corporate environments, she was tired of her 9 to 5 job with limited opportunities. She was going through a rough spot in her personal life too, being in the middle of a separation.

She needed a challenge, and something of a hobby to take her mind off what she was going through. Without prior experience, she started to work on this business, while it was just a hobby. She made quite a few trials and errors over the course of 2 years with her start-up, almost giving up multiple times but through hours and hours of work, it started to take shape a little over a year ago, in 2020.

Her goal for this business became clearer as the time went by, she wanted to offer quality products that would be accessible to most modern families. The type of products that would add a great vibe to their home, and create a wow effect at the same time while not breaking the bank.

As we are preparing for the official launch, we found the missing link for our vision; We partnered with Tree-Nation to offset our imprint on our beloved earth by planting a minimum of 5 trees for each product sold.